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Brand Manifesto

Our Values, Goals and aspirations in 10 points


Tradition and Innovation

We combined the benefits of an ancient cosmetic like whey with modern technologies in natural cosmesis. This union created an innovative and unique skincare line, waterless and with an high concentration of whey produced in Italy. In fact, our formula is based on the use of whey in liquid form, not lyophilised, in complete substitution of water. Enriched with effective and benefic ingredients like hyaluronic acid. As well as hydrate, moisturizers that contain hyaluronic acid also fight signs of ageing like wrinkles and fine lines.


The Benefits of Whey

Whey can really be considered a wellness elixir. In the process of cheesemaking, whey is the liquid part that’s separated from the solid curds, and it contains amino acids, minerals, vitamins and proteins. It’s recommended for stressed and dry skin, as a protection from pollution and signs of ageing or after a period of intense mental and physical stress.

The amino acids contained in whey proteins, thanks to their collagen fibers strenghtening property, help maintain skin’s elasticity and firmness leaving it glowing and invigorated. As well as hydrating, making the skin appear fresh and smooth, whey has also a balancing effect on the skin’s natural PH, thanks to lactic acid.

Tradition and Innovation


Made in Italy

All production is based in Italy. The use of milk in cosmetics is profundly linked with our history since the Roman Empire. Today, in milk production, we are an excellence recognised worldwide and we only use whey sourced from the controlled and renowned Parmigiano Reggiano production.

Italian Quality, what else?


Certified Effectiveness

Our products are dermatologically tested for sensitive skin. They’re also tested in accredited labs to verify the anti-age, lifting an hydrating benefits.



Ethical, Ecological and Eco-Sustainable

We select our suppliers on the base of shared ethics. Our products are not tested on animals. We strive to produce eco-sustainable packaging with minimal percentage of plastic and with the goal of reducing its use to zero. We salvage and reuse a waste product and we advocate for a circular economy. We don’t use water and in doing so we achieve a minimal environmental impact.


Natural Ingredients

We use almost 98% of raw materials from natural origin and organic ingredients such as oils and plant extracts. NO alcohol, parabens, palm oil, OGM products, petroleum derivatives, silicones or artificial colouring. Gluten free and without any allergens other than those derived from milk (but it can be used by lactose intolerants).

All our products are dermatologically tested for sensitive skin.



Our Vision

We have a clear vision and precise goals. We wanted to develop a product line based on the proven medical benefits of whey, like its ability in fighting skin diseases such as acne, rosacea or dermatitis and in regenerating the skin after surgical procedures, pemature ageing and other problematics related to skin wellness.



We constantly invest in research and development. Our products are evaluated not only to test their effectiveness but also to find new materials and technologies to continuously improve our line. WE ARE AN INNOVATIVE STARTUP.



Customer Experience

Our first priority will always be making the customers who choose to buy the products the centre of our focus. Attention for details and deep knowledge of the marketing process are fundamental to create an excellent and unique customer experience, from the clear and detailed informations on our website to the purchase process, the packaging, the unboxing and the personalised deals. Those who’ll choose Serum Lab to take care of their skin will be satisfied not only by the quality and effectiveness of our products but also by the project and everything that gravitates around it.


Small but Great

Our production is limited so that we can keep strict control on the whole process. We personally know all our suppliers and we strive to a gradual growth so as to ensure the same quality standard in a big scale production too.

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